Gerücht bestätigt: TACO ersetzt steel bei Team Liquid

17.04.2018 14:38

Team Liquid hat in einer Pressemitteilung die Gerüchte um einen Wechsel bestätigt. Der ehemalige SK Gaming Spieler und zweifache Major-Sieger Epitacio ‚TACO‘ Pessoa ist nun Teil des aktiven Lineups, für ihn muss Lucas ’steel‘ Lopes Platz machen, der seit November 2017 für das ansonsten komplett nordamerikanische Team spielt. Steel gab in einem Statement an, dass er aufgrund seiner individuellen Leistung unzufrieden war und deshalb darum gebeten hat nicht mehr im aktiven Lineup zu sein.

Statement Lucas ’steel‘ Lopes

I wasn’t feeling happy because of my individual performances, the way I approached both in and out game in Team Liquid was totally wrong, because of that, I never felt comfortable during my time in TL. I’ve learnt from all this mistakes and it was a great and positive experience for me, no regrets.
Because of this, I have decided to step down from the roster and I would like to thank the organization and my teammates for the awesome time together, and last, thank you all the fans, you guys rock!

Statement Epitacio ‚TACO‘ Pessoa – neuer Spieler von Team Liquid

Being able to join the best American organization with the best American CS:GO team is a big opportunity for me. Those guys are extremly talented and I believe that I have what they need to start winning tournaments. Working again with zews made my decision easy and I’m sure I chose the right place to be at. I just can’t wait to start practicing, bring my experience and help the team with whatever they need to become the top 1 team in the world.
God forgives. TACO doesn’t.

Team Liquid-Lineup
Flagge Jonathan ‚EliGE‘ Jablonowski
Flagge Nick ’nitr0′ Cannella
Flagge Keith ‚NAF‘ Markovic
Flagge Russel ‚Twistzz‘ Van Dulken
Flagge Epitacio ‚TACO‘ Pessoa
Flagge Wilton ‚zews‘ Prado (Coach)

Jonas Bugaj